Invisalign i7 is the perfect way to tweak your smile and line up your teeth perfectly. If you have had orthodontic treatment before and your teeth have moved a little or if your teeth are quite straight but need perfecting to line them up beautifully, Invisalign i7 could be the answer for you.

Invisalign i7 are invisible clear aligners that straighten your teeth over a few months. Invisalign i7 consists of 7 removable aligners that are changed over every 1-2 weeks until you reach the end of the aligners when your teeth will be straight. If your case is mild your teeth could be straightened in as little as 7 weeks.

Invisalign i7 has the same benefits as Invisalign Full with its SmartTrack material and it’s predictability and accuracy. You can even see the end result before you’ve even started using our computer digital software.

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